Chunky Water

Exploring the depths

The triad of rescuers descended into the well to find a series of derelict stone corridors overrun by vermin and undead adversaries. They cut and blasted through swaths of diseased rats while working through tight hallways, until skeletons ambushed the party from a shadowy alcove. The skeletons’ fragmented scimitars looked to draw first blood from Gildiss. One met its mark, while the others blade connected with the cave wall and shattered. Attempts to cut down their skeletal foes proved difficult for the party as the iron blades of Bob and Gildiss failed to severe sturdy bone. Booyah’s icy rays cracked his foes’ frames, while Gildiss embraced barbarian nature, bringing his massive sword down with brute strength to reduce his foes to dust.

Bob called upon the mercy of his unknown god to heal the wounds of the party after their encounter with the walking dead. They continued down the corridor until arriving at a split. Booyah used his enchanted staff to illuminate the path to the left, while Gildiss peered down opposite. Both choices surpassed the distance of their light and seemed only to lead into darkness. Listening intensely, they picked up on a faint scraping from the left path. Gildiss declared that left was the better choice because silence was less likely led to treasure than sound.

Gildiss led the party into the darkness towards the sound. Before he could reach the end of the path the floor crumbled beneath his feet. He made a desperate grab for something to catch onto as he fell but was left grasping air. Gildiss managed to brace himself for the landing and shrugged off the ten foot plunge onto the stone rubble below.



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